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Restore Financial Stability          Preserve Neighborhoods         Make Informed Decisions

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Restore Financial Stability          Preserve Neighborhoods         Make Informed Decisions

Make a Difference!


We are nearing the end of this campaign and time is short. If you live in District 2, I ask for your vote so I can represent you on the City Commission, this time from the other side of the dais. If you don’t live in District 2, please share this with those who can and ask them to share the benefits of my candidacy with others. This is truly a grassroots campaign, and word-of-mouth is making a positive difference. 

Other candidates brag about their organizational endorsements. My endorsements are from those I believe to be the most important: the people—individuals who appreciate the work I have done for the public good at City Commission meetings for more than 15 years.

The last day to vote in this election is this Tuesday, August 23, 2022. Please help our campaign continue to get the message out by forwarding and sharing this with this your friends, family, and coworkers via email, text, Facebook, and wherever else it can help to get out the vote. 


I greatly appreciate your support!

Jo Lee Beaty


They mean a lot to candidates, especially in this nonpartisan race. The following endorsements come from people across the political spectrum—some Jo Lee knows as well as others she doesn’t. They come from those paying close attention to what city government has, and has not, been doing for the past decade or two, and they understand the stakes for this election and its potential impact on Gainesville’s future, which goes to show that Jo Lee is a true representative of the people, not a particular political party.

“Jo Lee Beaty knows our City Government inside out and can hit the ground running. We simply do not have time for a 'learning on the job' commissioner

at this crucial time in the life of our community.”

Jean Chalmers , Former Mayor of Gainesville

“Twelve years ago, Jo Beaty had already attended hundreds of hours of commission meetings, presenting well-researched evidence before an arrogant City Commission that still had time to abandon the fiscally and environmentally unsustainable biomass incinerator. She continued to present evidence of a faulty contract, and opposed the plant purchase by the city at the exorbitant price we paid even while an audit was underway. Had the commission listened to Jo and others, we might not be in the financial hole we are in today. This is leadership with foresight and Jo is exactly what we need now.”  ~ Monica Leadon Cooper, Gainesville Sun, July 24, 2022

Representative of the People: Lots of people have lots to say about the candidates currently vying for a seat on the City Commission, and I know who I am supporting: Jo Lee Beaty. Nobody has worked harder for more years for Gainesville city government and citizens than Beaty, and she deserves a seat at the dais as a true representative of the people. I am confident that she will support the commission in making decisions based on data, their ramifications and input from all stakeholders while striving to restore the city’s budget to a healthy state.  ~ Connie Stern, Gainesville Sun, July 17, 2022

Real Representation: There is no time more important than now. We get to vote for the person who we choose to represent us. I would vote for Jo Beaty as a city commissioner. Why? I know that she has already unofficially represented us at protests, in the media and at frequent City Commission meetings. She can be trusted, is knowledgeable of our needs and advocates for us. She is available for communication when other points of view are needed. We need honest, available representatives. Do we want real representation on our City Commission, now? Vote for Jo Beaty.  ~ Adele Franson, Gainesville Sun, August 14, 2022


“Jo Lee Beaty is the best qualified candidate for Gainesville City Commissioner, District 2. She has a 15-year history of representing citizens, as seen in her stance against the elimination of Single-Family Zoning.”  ~ Ruby Grey, Gainesville


“These races favor different flavors of left-leaning candidates, and the only one we can really endorse is Jo Lee Beaty (District 2) because of her years of attending city commission meetings, often bringing up issues hidden in consent agendas. Her attention to detail and common-sense approach will benefit every resident of Gainesville. ~ Alachua Chronicle, August 12, 2022


Having participated as a citizen advocate in Gainesville City Commission meetings for over 15 years, I am distinctly qualified to be your Gainesville District 2 City Commissioner. I am informed and prepared to make decisions that will affect Gainesville now and into the future. I have the knowledge and experience to address our City’s problems and to set this government on a better course.

As the only candidate with a record of being in the room where and when decisions are purportedly shaped and made, I continue to provide citizen oversight into the Gainesville City Commission. I’ve demonstrated commitment to public service, citizen engagement, and civility.

  • I will welcome citizens into their role in Gainesville’s government business and will always keep the public in “public” service. You employ the Commissioners.

  • I will encourage sound decision making based on data, considering the many complex factors that inform good decisions.

  • I will stop the current Commission practice of micro-managing and return management of our business to the professionals, our Charter Officers, with oversight by the Commission, as the City Charter demands.

  • I will bring the Commission’s business back into the SUNSHINE.

My campaign is as much about informing the public of issues

you might not be aware of, as it is about an election.

Your current Commissioners choose to keep you in the dark.

Those of us who have been deeply involved in these issues believe

the future direction of our City hangs in the balance.

I invite and welcome your support and your vote!  

Jo Lee Beaty

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