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Restore Financial Stability          Preserve Neighborhoods         Make Informed Decisions

“For many years Jo Lee has deserved a community service award for her stalwart efforts to preserve what is good about Gainesville and to help our elected City officials make clear-headed decisions about our future.” Monica Leadon Cooper and Curtis Cooper


Having participated as a citizen advocate in Gainesville City Commission meetings for over 15 years, I am distinctly qualified to be your Gainesville District 2 City Commissioner. I am informed and prepared to make decisions that will affect Gainesville now and into the future. I have the knowledge and experience to address our City’s problems and to set this government on a better course.

As the only candidate with a record of being in the room where and when decisions are purportedly shaped and made, I continue to provide citizen oversight into the Gainesville City Commission. I’ve demonstrated commitment to public service, citizen engagement, and civility.

  • I will welcome citizens into their role in Gainesville’s government business and will always keep the public in “public” service. You employ the Commissioners.

  • I will encourage sound decision making based on data, considering the many complex factors that inform good decisions.

  • I will stop the current Commission practice of micro-managing and return management of our business to the professionals, our Charter Officers, with oversight by the Commission, as the City Charter demands.

  • I will bring the Commission’s business back into the SUNSHINE.

My campaign is as much about informing the public of issues

you might not be aware of, as it is about an election.

Your current Commissioners choose to keep you in the dark.

Those of us who have been deeply involved in these issues believe

the future direction of our City hangs in the balance.



If you would prefer to donate by check, please mail to:

P.O. Box 357703, Gainesville, FL 32635-7703